Saturday, April 23, 2011

The More We Share THE LESS WE BUY

COMMUNISM is: The More We Share the Less We Buy! On my other blogs (under other names) I do me part. I give away what does not belong to me! Copyright is not to be respected. We want free music and no want to buy any. 

My blogs say  "If you like it, buy it,"  (LOL) but that is just something we all say. How much we really buy? Ha ha!

I write "if copyright owner has problem, and CAN PROVE ME THAT THEY OWN COPYRIGHT, I happy to remove a link."

First off, they can never prove it to MY satisfaction. Second, they know I am like Pirate Bay and I would re-up and laugh at them (as they deserve).

What bother me is when link go or my blog go. What? I demand respect. They should tell me if there is problem! Why is not George Jones surfing web all day and finding stolen music and asking nice to have it removed? He not have better thing to do.

We all have so much leisure time. Does not George? Besides he very rich man and so is every body who write song for him. I have lots excuses!

Most time they just hire Web Sheriff or hope RIAA and IFPI bots do the dirty work. Which is insulting. I take time to upload and do hard work. These selfish people no share. Take down. Very bad people.

Now down to business. Remember. Be a good COMMUNIST and share the music. 

Too bad we anonymous anarchists against Capitalism can't do it in real life!

How good, walk into a store, take what we want and give them a rationalization instead of payment: "You're not using this at the moment" or "I am entitled, food should be free for the starving masses". 

Too bad we can't tell the restaurant owner, doctor or dentist, "Sorry, I will not pay, I think price too high, besides, food and medical care should be free." 

Remember dears, "sharing" music is different. We are only offering a "copy" and so what if 100 or 1000 "copies" circulate and nobody buys. Let these people sell t-shirts. Let them eat cake. We have decided the music industry is bad — because we can!

Few of us are brave enough to say to gas station man "the price is too high" and drive off without paying. But (LOL) we can be so brave on the Internet! It's a start. 

It is fun, too. Admit it. You get a kick from being the rebel who "re-ups" a link even after a copyright owner took the trouble to take it down.

You say "Don't let the bastards win!" Right.

You are like Che Guevara! Vlad Putin! Bin Laden (oh. Too bad he dead. What he do but make up new rules against Capitalists?)

When we up the music we purge our anger at cops, teachers, Mom and Dad, and anyone else who don't let us do as we please. 

COMMUNISM is the answer, my friends.

What do you call it when groups of people gather together in a hidden forum, or "link" together with their blogs, just to make sure that everyone gets what they want for free? It's a commune. It's communism. Don't laugh. Capitalism is letting people make money from legal sale of music, in print or used copies. Communism is getting it FREE.

Sure, almost any album you want you can actually buy.

95% of what blogs have is not "rare." But who can afford it? We did, five years ago before the Internet blogs and forums and torrents. But not now!

Our excuse is we must have free music because, oh, it's educational. It's a God-given right. (Ooops, excuse me, GOD is not involved in Communism. There is no God. Certainly no Jesus who says "thou shalt not steal.")

COPYRIGHT like HUMAN RIGHTS only prevents us from getting all we want and satisfying all our greed. Do not think the store owner, the singer, the record company has any rights at all. Rationalize!
In many countries there are no "human rights." Wouldn't you like to be a dictator in Africa who chops off the heads of enemies? Of course you would.

This is the real human nature my friends. You love stealing music don't you? You get big thrill sticking it to THE MAN every time you do it. You are putting something over on the working man in the record store. Or better yet the stinker in the record company office who is making more than you are. Like the secretary, the guy in the mail room, the janitor who mops up at end of day. Ah who care if they all lose jobs. Somebody try to sell record collection on Ebay to help pay off debts? No pity for the swine! Go have bake sale. 

It is sad when a forum or blog is taken down or a private website prosecuted. It is sad when an individual is actually arrested, forced to pay thousands of dollars, and made to sign an order of confidentiality (so that others won't be tipped off). But some pawns must be lost in the game. Fight on.

Your target is to own every Enoch Light album. Have a complete Jefferson Airplane discography. Get the newest album without paying for it. These are noble goals worth all your leisure time. What else do you have to do?