Friday, April 22, 2011


ALL musicians are filthy rich.

Every songwriter is millionaire. Artists from the 50's and 60's saved it all, and invested well against inflation. Royalties are an outrage anyway.

If an album is in print, SHARE IT. The record company is making too much. The artist can afford a little less royalty. Make up own excuse and stick to it!

If album is out of print? Then is public domain! Hooray!

Another good excuse. If album out of print, it will never come back. Never! And we do not want to spend even one dollar in thrift shop for James Last or Herb Alpert and help a charity. NO!

Comardes, who cares about Bear Family, Ace, Rhino, Collectors Choice and others who are in business with reprints. The more we give away the less they can reprint. We want them to go out of business and stop giving royalties to artists and putting legit downloads on Amazon and iTunes. Downloads should be free. Logic my friends!

We are WINNING, comrades. The more we give away, the less the CAPITALISTS can re-issue, and the less the CAPITALISTS can sell. In print. Out of print. Who cares. It should be FREE.

This is the beauty of COMMUNISM. We are part of a commune. We bloggers are the Master Race and the record labels are just rich Jews. Oh something like that. Right? Adolf had his brown shirts and we have our hackers. Try to protect your rights and livelihoods, and we smack you down. Mafia did that too! Ah Italy under Mussolini. He was great man, no?

So keep up the good fight on the Internet. Not in real life.

We would get arrested if we took a record out of the store without paying. But do not worry friends. With Communism, we see less and less record stores. This is good thing! Who cares if some old man loses his record shop. Not our problem.

Remember when we said that record stores would never go under just because of "sharing?" THEY BELIEVED US! Soon, no more record stores at all. Internet downloads of every album we ever want. That is the New Order. It is like ethnic cleansing. We cleanse cities of record stores. 

Do not ask "What would Jesus do." Do not believe in "do unto others" or "take your hands off it baby if it don't belong to you." That is all Capitalist thinking. Involves God too. COMMUNISM IS THE WAY. NO GOD. NO MORALS. JUST EVERYTHING YOU WANT, YOU GET! NICE, EH?

This is why Russia and Red China are now stronger than America and Great Britain. KEEP SHARING, COMRADES.

Make up a cool name for yourself. Get a free blog from those silly Americans. Then start posting so you can be a big shot. PS, if someone (such as I) takes your links and re-ups them as my own, do not stomp your pretty little feet and screech "Mine, Mine, Mine," or "That's my hard work," realize this is merely "sharing." Eh?