Friday, April 22, 2011


Communism is WINNING

In the Capitalist system you pay for music. Us? This makes us losers. We can not afford everything we want. We feel bad if we are Capitalists. Communists? We take. We annex. We are strong. We feel good when we steal the music and do not let the bastards win! WE WIN!


We know the music industry. We know that artists don't need royalties and RIAA and IFPI are big nasty outfits just like Teachers Union or AFL/CIO and the rest. We know for a fact that everybody can go out and tour and make a fortune. We know music industry is big time conjob to keep us down, just as we know there is real pill to turn water into petrol.

Happy are we! We can not do anything about oil cartels or how the price of beer is fixed. We can at least screw the music industry and any other entertainment industry that involves digital downloads! REVENGE IS OURS!

Besides these singers and such should take a day job like everyone else and do their thing on weekends or at night. Some of us are retired and we have pensions but that does not mean artists should get royalties or anything.

Capitalists say that if you own property it belongs to you. NO. It should be "public domain." That is how the robber feels when he comes into your attic or basement and takes what he feels you are not using, or should "share" with him. Do we call him a "robber" or say he is not "Sharing?"

How about "date rape." What is it hurting? The girl is no virgin. She is "sharing." Yes, we make her "share," and we take advantage when she is unconscious, same way we do not contact Joni Mitchell or Shania Twain and say "come look at the blog and see what I am doing to you." So what.

We can always make rationalization. Taking every Joni Mitchell album or having blog with 500 movie soundtracks is not same thing as robbing a house, doing identity theft, hacking Sony Playstation account, or date rape. Not at all.

Oh yes. In the old days (5 years ago) we paid for music. We prized a "rare" album. If we did not have all we wanted, we saved for it, or we were "adult" and simply did without. Those days are over. Now, we believe in COMMUNISM. No such thing as "rare." The music is for everyone. So it hurts a few people. So what.

We are entitled. If we want something we take it.

If it is ours, leave it alone. If it is yours, it should be shared.